The Children’s Services Development Group (CSDG) brings together the leading providers of residential care, foster care and specialist education services to create a platform for engaging with policy and debate about the future of the children’s services sector.

The group aim to promote greater understanding of the common issues facing providers and commissioners, who together are trying to ensure the best possible outcomes for children. This is achieved by building strong working relationships with central government officials, local authorities, Parliamentarians, children’s campaigners and the media.

CSDG’s activities are aimed at achieving the following strategic objectives:
  • To promote a model of children’s services commissioning and delivery driven by a focus on meeting the individual needs of each child.
  • To encourage greater partnership working in the children’s services sector, in particular between commissioners and providers, to ensure that the best outcomes are delivered cost efficiently.
  • To work towards increased transparency over assessment and funding for children with complex needs.
  • To ensure that the right balance between foster and residential care is established so that looked after children receive appropriate support.
  • To secure availability of high quality specialist education services for all children who require them.
  • To campaign for services for children with complex needs to be viewed in the context of ‘whole life’ outcomes – with a view to encouraging successful, independent adult living wherever possible.
  • To raise awareness of the value of good transitions in securing progress and building on investment made in care and specialist education during childhood.
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